Cardi B At Fashion Week: She Reveals Herself In A Total Green Look


Cardi B has raised the temperature in the streets of Paris. The rapper has unveiled an ultra sexy look for Fashion Week. And it’s hot!

Cardi B has again made havoc during Paris Fashion Week. The fashionista has unveiled a new ultra sexy look! Discover the photo quickly!

It’s no longer a secret: Cardi B loves fashion! Indeed, the star spends her time revealing very surprising looks. The latter deals with designer outfits at each appearance. And the pretty brunette is always a sensation! It must be said that it does not do things by half. Hairstyle, accessories and makeup: the rapper does not neglect any detail!

During Paris Fashion Week, Cardi B then put the package! Faithful to herself, the artist has indeed unveiled many extravagant looks. She has just shared her latest style on Instagram. And it’s ultra sexy! The young mother wears a very tight skirt and a matching top. But that’s not all ! She also embellishes her outfit with sublime python boots. We love !

Internet users were also seduced by the total green look of Cardi B. And they have not finished with praise about the singer. “You are sublime”, “This color suits you too well! “, ” A queen ! I fell in love with this outfit “can we read in the comments! Another faultless for the young woman!

Cardi B is used to sharing her clothing choices on Instagram. She also surprised her community by revealing a flowery look at the beginning of Fashion Week. And for good reason ! The pretty brunette showed up with her face completely hidden under a veil! Her hilarious video then quickly went around the web! No doubt, the artist knows how to talk about her. Between her unusual outfits and sexy clothes, the star has not finished surprising us!


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