Cardi B explains the meaning of facial tattoos and introduces a new one live on Instagram


Cardi B shares stories about his new paint. After talking about a tattoo on her face in early 2021, the rapper officially announced it in August, but fans haven’t seen the ink other than furtively from her tattoo artist. Cardi officially shared a closer look at the facial tattoo and another new thing inspired by her children on a recent Instagram live stream.

According to Billboard, Cardi jumped on IG Live on September 10 and showed off two new tattoos: a pale red cursive “Wave” in honor of her young son on her face and a similar inscription “Culture” on her arm in honor of her daughter. “I tattooed my son’s name because I love him,” she shared. “And I tattooed my daughter’s name.”

The “Wave” tattoo is applied to the lower line of Cardi’s chin, and because of the light color, it is difficult to see it in certain lighting, but Cardi’s video shows the new design up close; as soon as she removes her hair from her face and tilts her head to the light, you can easily see the “wave” on her jaw. The “Culture” tattoo is on Cardi’s bicep. (The fan account took the photos, if you’re interested.)

Fans suspected that the rapper was preparing a tattoo on his face. In January, she tweeted: “By chance, but… I am 1% close to writing my [son’s] name on my faceā€¦ I really really want to do this!” At the time, she shared that she wanted it on her jaw, so it’s pretty clear that she had a vision and brought it to life with the help of tattoo artist Robinson De Los Santos.

In August, the tattoo artist posted a video about how he was working on a new design, but did not share the full photo, so fans could only speculate about what Cardi had tattooed. Now we know, and the meaning behind it is so sweet.


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