Cardi B: its dramatic and glamorous look for going to court!


Icon bling, rapper Cardi B does not miss an opportunity to get noticed. She proved it by going to court in an incredible dress.

Far from Cardi B the idea of ​​going unnoticed. Accustomed to scandals, the rapper never shrinks from any fantasy to be talked about. And even less when she is dressed. So she was perched on high heels and dressed in a long train in black feathers that she appeared in court on Tuesday. The bulky clothing even had to be worn by the singer’s staff! More diva than that, it’s complicated!

There remains the trial. Two months ago, the young woman was the subject of a complaint following an assault. Cardi B is said to have endangered the lives of others. So that’s why she appeared in Queens court this week. According to his two accusers, waitresses, Cardi B then threw furniture in their faces before uttering threats against them. The cause: they would have had something with the rapper’s husband, the Migo Offset.

This is not the first time that Cardi B has appeared in court. Indeed, she assaulted her rival singer Nicki Minaj during a party last fall. No furniture was then within reach. The rapper had therefore chosen her own shoe before being escorted out of the building.

Shortly after this altercation, Cardi B moved away from Offset although he was the father of his child. Last week, however, she told American magazine Vogue that she had passed the towel on her boyfriend’s repeated infidelities. If the rapper is to be believed, she would no longer hesitate to raise her voice … This is Offset warned!


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