Cardi B does not accept the 5 AM wake up call!


Kulture doesn’t give her mom any rest! She indeed comes to wake Cardi B at 5 o’clock in the morning … A very complicated alarm clock for her!

Kulture puts Cardi B to the test! After two tough months, the rapper is trying to get back to a normal lifestyle … But her daughter decided to wake her up at 5 in the morning! Hard hard !

Indeed, after two months in the American election, the rapper is recovering. She thus resumes cooking healthier dishes to get back in shape. But that’s not all !

We also discover Insta stories of Cardi B in the gym. A place where, if you are to believe, she hadn’t been in a while. But supporting Joe Biden until he defeated Donald Trump took a long time!

This time, the rapper seems finally quiet: Joe Biden will be the next president. That’s already it … But she also had relationship problems. Because Offset didn’t spare her either: he cheated on her!

Rumors of divorce, arguments and a reconciliation later, everything finally seems to be in order for Cardi B. She takes her life back into her own hands… But Kulture does not seem of this opinion: she puts her mother to the test!


Indeed, while she had already spent almost sleepless nights for the election, the rapper once again suffered the same fate … Because her little Kulture can no longer sleep! So she goes to wake up her mom.

So we discover a story of a Kulture already in good shape in front of her mom … “Are you really going to wake me up at five in the morning? Cardi B asks the question, but already knows the answer …

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“Don’t you want to go back to sleep? »But inevitably, Kulture answers him« no, mom »with a big smile… We then hear the desperate voice of the rapper.

She turns the camera towards Offset… “Even dad is sleeping! “But no, not that night Cardi B: the rapper had to get up at 5 am to take care of her little one. But Offset slept well!


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