Cardi B deceived by Offset? She takes stock of the rumor!


Cardi B and Offset have been together for a number of years and have had some ups and downs. The star has responded to new rumors of infidelity of her companion and she is furious.

Almost a year ago, Cardi B had to deal with Offset’s infidelities. Indeed, her companion had deceived her and she had trouble forgiving him. Nevertheless, since then, both stars have had a child together and they are devoting themselves to their family fast. The singer gave birth to a little girl, Kulture, and she takes care of her. Besides, his darling also seems very involved and they managed to overcome the trials together.

It has been months since Offset did not make him talk about his infidelities and he seems to have managed to win back the heart of Cardi B. Moreover, he seems to be an exemplary dad and he takes good care of his daughter . However, for several days, the latter is at the heart of a scandal. Indeed, he is again accused of having cheated the starlet and he would have slept with the girlfriend of rapper Tekashi69.

In fact, Offset sent a private message to Jade, Tekashi69’s girlfriend. The messages leaked on the net and everyone seized the case. Yet Cardi B seems to be the only one to believe in the innocence of his boyfriend. Indeed, she is furious with this rumor and she wanted to make things clear on social networks. Kulture’s mom says that her darling has not slept with Jade and that everything is fine between her and him. “I just woke up and we take care of this shit. The Offset Instagram was hacked. He has a cold and I have a stomach ache, I’m about to go to the hospital. She began by saying on Instagram.

Cardi B is well aware that Offset has already deceived her several times. Yet she thinks he’s honest with her since the birth of little Kulture. Thus, that she, all these rumors would be false and she wants to believe in the innocence of her darling. “I know he’s already bullshit. Everyone is bullshit. But he is not stupid at this point. We had a great weekend, life is beautiful. That’s why I do not take that bullshit into account, “she finally said. For its part, Offset has preferred to say nothing in the video and it is discreet.


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