Cardi B deceived by Offset: how did she manage to forgive him?


For several days, Offset, the husband of Cardi B is accused of having again deceived the singer. The starlet has defended her husband and she is ready to forgive everything to save her marriage.

Almost a year ago, Cardi B had to deal with the infidelities of her husband, Offset when they had just had a baby girl. The starlet managed to turn the page and she stayed with him for the well-being of Kulture. However, for several days, the man is again at the heart of a controversy. He allegedly slept with rapper Tekashi69’s girlfriend. Messages on social networks seem to prove this infidelity.

Cardi B took the defense of Offset on social networks. However, she has confided a little more about the infidelities of her husband in Vogue. The star confesses to having forgiven her darling and they had to make big efforts to save their couple. “When my husband and I had our problems, you know, he cheated on me and everything. Well, I decided to stay with him and work with him. Many people were furious with me. And many women felt disappointed. She began to say.

The singer has received many messages on social networks and her fans were furious with her that she get back with Offset. However, today, Cardi B denounces social networks since people often idealize their lives and their couple. “My point is that everyone on social networks acts as if their relationships are perfect. Which seems crazy to me. I am surrounded by women and there is always a woman who talks and says how much she loves her man but he is not financially stable or has a problem with his mother. Everyone has problems, “she said.

Nevertheless, did Cardi B really forgive Offset for his infidelities? In any case, the singer did everything to save her marriage and she watches more than ever her husband. “I’ll kick your ass if you cheat on me,” she finally said for the media.


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