Cardi B broke a new record and the WAP clip


WAP continues to break records! Cardi B continues to panic counters on Youtube … And the clashes in the heart of the presidential campaign are helping her to increase the number of views!

Indeed, since the release of the clip with Megan Thee Stallion, everyone’s only talking about it … A Tiktok challenge, politicians who seize on the subject: it didn’t take more to get records!

Because everyone is talking about WAP, and everyone wants to give their opinion … We are therefore entitled to clashes between Cardi B and the Donald Trump clan. The Republicans indeed find the clip a little too hot …

It must be said that two women who roam a house in bodysuits to dominate men, it makes talk … So when you listen to the words where the two swing that their “vagina has wet”, that changes everything!

Some politicians therefore try to criticize Cardi B. The rapper, she prefers to make fun of Donald Trump on her Insta … But with (or thanks to) all these clashes, the views of WAP explode!


The rapper publishes the ranking of the most listened to music in the United Kingdom: WAP takes first place! As in Canada, Australia and New Zealand… They are everywhere!

Cardi B takes advantage of the BBC’s publication to thank her fans and Megan Thee Stallion for this success. “Thank you to everyone around the world for the love and support you give us. ”

A nice message, but that’s not all: she offered Megan something else! “I want to do something special for the fans this week or next… We’ll see! ”

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She waits for her colleague’s answer, but Cardi B seems determined: she wants to celebrate the success of WAP. And she won’t celebrate it without her fans!


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