Cardi B and Offset: Learn unusual love stories!


Cardi B and Offset intrigue their fans and the media. Madly in love with each other, their marriage has often seen its ups and downs.

A few months ago, Cardi B and Offset were on the verge of divorce. Now everything is fine between the lovebirds. The opportunity to look back on their passionate relationship to say the least.

Like many stars, Cardi B is a big fan of social networks. And the incendiary brunette does as much on TikTok as on Instagram.

Not to mention his private site “Only fans” which brings him $ 8 million each month. On the Web, the interpreter of “WAP” loves to immortalize all his daily life to the delight of his fans.

The latest news is that all is well with her husband Offset! As a reminder, the two stars started dating after an incredible date during the Super Bowl of 2017.

Being sure of their feelings, the lovebirds got engaged a few months later that same year. Then they got married in the process.

“One morning in September, we woke up and decided to get married,” Cardi B said on Twitter, specifying that she wanted above all “to experience that special moment when he kneels down”.


In 2018, Cardi B and Offset welcomed a baby girl named Kulture. But over the months, their relationship flounders.

“We love each other very much but things haven’t worked out between us for a long time,” the star had said on the Web. “And it’s nobody’s fault.

And also to specify: “I suppose that we have grown up and that we are no longer in love. We are not together anymore “.

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At the time, numerous tabloids claimed that the rapper had repeatedly cheated on his sweetheart. Injured, the interpreter of “I Like It” then preferred to take a break.

But in 2019 surprise! Kulture’s parents look more in love than ever at the “Super Bowl” and “Grammy Awards”.

After forgiving her husband’s infidelities, the star surprises her fans when she claims in 2020 that she has launched a new divorce proceeding.

Fortunately, Offset is going to work extra hard to save (once again) his marriage to Cardi B! Until when ?! To be continued…


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