Cardi B and Offset gave their daughter Kulture 50 thousand dollars for her 4th birthday

A unique gift. Celebrating the 4th birthday of the daughter of Culture, Cardi B and Offset presented their baby with $ 50,000 in cash.
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An Instagram story posted on Sunday, July 10, shows a toddler showing off money in front of the camera. “What is it?” The 30-year-old Offset asked his child during the filming behind the scenes, to which the Culture replied: “Ticket!”
The Georgia native added: “The ticket costs a million, girl. That’s 50. Say 50!”
Cardi and Offset, 29, who got engaged in 2017, have previously used social media to show how they celebrate their eldest child’s birthday in a special way. Last year, the Culture received a horse-drawn carriage, a livestock farm and several Disney princesses at its party. In July 2020, the couple faced a negative reaction after giving their daughter a Hermès Birkin bag.
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At the time, the New York native applauded critics who wondered why “Culture” received such an expensive gift. “I hate it when people, like when celebrities buy their kids jewelry and, you know, designer shit, people say, ‘Kids don’t care about that.’ They only care about toys and candy,” Cardi said in her Instagram story. “Yes, children are only interested in toys and sweets, but the fact is that children also go outside.”
Culture Courtesy of Cardi B/Instagram
The “Bodak Yellow” rapper added: “Kids go to restaurants, kids go to trendy places. Celebrity kids walk the red carpet. And if I fly and Dad flies, then so does the baby. …I’m not mad that Dad bought the baby a Birkin. She will match Mom.”
The couple welcomed the Culture shortly after their wedding in 2018. Later that year, they went through a brief separation before reconciling. Cardi and Offset broke up again in September 2020, but the songwriter withdrew her divorce petition in November 2020.
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After the birth of their first child, Cardi thought about how to find the right “balance” when it comes to motherhood. “It’s good for the psyche. For example, if I play with my daughter, I forget about the problems. I give my daughter so much love and set her up for the future,” she told Vogue in January 2020. “I want to tell her that a lot of shit I’ve done in life—no matter what I’ve done, knowing that I want to have children has made me put more effort into ensuring a good future for my children.”
During a performance at the BET Awards in June 2021, Cardi and Offset announced that they were expecting their second child together. Their son, Volna, was born three months later. Offset also has a son Jordan from the former Justin Watson, son Cody from the former Oriel Jamie and daughter Kalea from the former Shia L’Amour.