Cardi B always feels attacked by haters!


Cardi B is a singer with a strong character! Often controversial, the young woman finds herself in the center of attention.

Lately it’s his political views that are disturbing. But since the start of her career in 2015, she has always “bothered” because of her often very controversial lyrics.

Thus the young artist often takes the floor to justify herself. But also to say that she matured thanks to her experiences.

So she is doing her best to shake off her reputation by creating a new one through her musical work. However, this does not stop the attacks of the haters which annoy the young artist more and more.


You should know that Cardi B does not have her tongue in her pocket. So she often finds herself at the center of scandal.

Between 2015 and 2016, Cardi B was on the Love and Hip Hop New York show on VH1. But the young woman made inappropriate comments.

Indeed, she called black women “cockroaches”. Later in 2018, the young woman posted a transphobic meme on her Facebook account!

There is also reportedly evidence that the singer used to drug and steal her clients as a stripper. Also, rumors say that Cardi B spoke badly about her colleagues and other celebrities.

However, the young mother does not regret anything about her past and is not at all sorry for it. Besides, she had an answer for each of his rumors.

So when she said cockroaches in 2018, she didn’t think it was inappropriate. Also, the transphobic meme was posted by someone on her staff, not her.

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But the haters are beating themselves down and Cardi B is fed up! She does indeed sense that there is a certain relentlessness on their part.


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