Cardi B alerts those who laugh at the coronavirus


Cardi B alerts those who laugh at the coronavirus. The rapper is never silent and always expresses herself through social networks, this is her opinion on the pandemic that is shaking the world.

Now that COVID-19 is hitting different areas of the world, she had something to say on the subject and posted a video on her Instagram account .

The clip was posted a few hours ago, the rapper with her characteristic style of speaking and in a very Caribbean look said:

“Let me tell you something government, I do not know what this Coronavirus is about , but I do not understand as something from Wuhan China , now, suddenly, this tour , I am scared, I am a little scared”

In the clip, she also says that if the people who receive their packages originating in China would be at risk of getting it, and to end, she commented : “This is real, it is real.”

To top it off, the native of New York placed in the description of her publication :

“Yes, keep playing, I’m scared to death. I am stocking up on food.”

Apparently the message was for all the people who make fun or memes of the current real situation not only of the affected countries, but of the world, because according to the United Nations , the WHO has already classified it as a global pandemic.

The video has more than 9 million of views in the comments there are people who support Cardi B and says that she is also scared, others tell her not to be alarmed people, which is only a respiratory illness, the singer took the option to continue replying to your clip .

The United States is one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19 since it is estimated that more than a thousand cases of people infected with this strain have been reported , which has taken the lives of many victims, the city of Washington is the place that more contagions registers within the territory.

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