Cardi B accidentally shared a nude photo!


The world famous US rapper Cardi B accidentally shared a topless photo of him on his social media account. Although Cardi realized his B error and deleted the story, the images came to the fore.

The rapper, who shares a story on his Instagram account, is seen lying topless on a sofa in the frame in question. Although Cardi B noticed his mistake and deleted the story after a short while, the images came to the fore in social media.

Although fans first thought that the famous rapper’s account was taken over, Card B clarified the situation with his statement. Cardi B said in a statement on Instagram, “I haven’t shared a story that I should blame anyone. Nobody is guilty. “I screwed myself up,” he said.

“God why do you make me look like a fool,” the 28-year-old rapper also shared a voice recording on Twitter. Why why why? I will not burden myself. I’ll have breakfast and then go to the party because I don’t want to think. It is not the first time. I could even be a stripper ”.

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