Cardi B abuses with Christmas decorations


On the occasion of Christmas, Cardi B decided to decorate her large villa. It tastes good because it made it sublime!

Cardi B has always loved decorating her grand villa for the holiday season. But this year, she abused it!

When Cardi B likes something, she doesn’t do it halfway! It’s well known ! She likes to do it big in her music videos, but also at parties.

Lately, therefore, she has organized a big surprise for her husband’s birthday Offset. And at the end of the year, Cardi B decided to decorate her villa.

And be careful! She didn’t do things by halves! So imagine that she decorated her home from top to bottom! So much so that Internet users believe she abused it.

On social networks, Cardi B therefore showed her perfectly decorated living room on Christmas Eve. We then see several Christmas trees.

And also ornaments and lights on various surfaces, as well as dozens of gifts all over the floor. The living room is fully lit. There is also fake snow.


We told you so ! Cardi B never does things by halves! She could have made do with just one Christmas tree. But no! She exhibited several! Her home looks like a Christmas forest!

Offset therefore declared on Instagram: “Christmas trees are going crazy”. The latter were sumptuous, with magnificent golden lights.

Cardi B’s villa is magical! One thing is certain, Kulture appreciates him very much. On December 23, she was looking for her daughter: “Kulture, I can’t find Kulture – where is she? ”

“I see you, I found you! Get out of there little girl ”. By the way, speaking of Kulture, know that she got a lot of gifts.