Cardi B: About the very sexy “WAP challenge”


Released a few weeks ago, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s single caused quite a stir. It must be said that the singers have been the target of many criticisms.

Their very controversial clip also caused a lot of reaction. Faithful to herself, Cardi B offered us a colorful clip that raises the temperature even more!

The young woman and her pretty partners are sexier than ever! And the fans love it.

Thus, success is indeed at the rendezvous! But Internet users go even further.

Indeed, we discover quite quickly that users of social networks have launched a challenge on the title of Cardi B. You have surely heard about it: the WAP Challenge.


What is the WAP Challenge? This is a new challenge that Internet users set themselves after discovering the title of Cardi B.

In less than a month after its release, the artist’s music video has been viewed over 154 million times! Thus, Internet users wanted to launch a challenge between them.

The principle is simple. You have to reproduce the dance steps of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

Internet users have therefore launched a choreography inspired by the video of the song. Suffice to say that the dance steps are rather sexy!

Twerk, split … the singer’s fans are having a blast!

Besides, we must admit that some are really talented. Videos of fails are also circulating on social networks.

Like, for example, young people who try to challenge themselves and are surprised by their parents. Or the mother who violently injured herself while trying to reproduce the challenge.

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