Cardano’s reveals expected Hard Fork date


Popular Hard Fork Altcom Expected Date Announced. Cardano investors began to wait for July 29.

Which is one of the leading Altcom Cardano ‘s hard fork investors will be held at the ADA network for years and had been waiting for almost Shelley transition to the main network. In the statement made by IOHK company behind Cardano, it was stated that the network node for the Cardano main network was successfully launched. Shelley’s taken for use in public outdoor 1.14.2 network node test network, to be tested for a week.

For specific dates Cardano

In the statement made by IOHK CEO and Cardano’s key name Charles Hoskinson, it was stated that this node is actually the basis of the Shelley network and all features will be tried in this way. Cardano Hoskinso CEO Shelley’s transition to the main network will take place until July 29, he said.

The management also announced that they have opened a new website for Cardano and made a big impact.

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