Cardano Founder Holds OneCoin Scam Project with Dollars


After the coronavirus epidemic, the FED is more aggressive about money markets than ever before. Finally, the institution, which aims to provide extra credit flow to the private sector today and announces that it will buy bonds and securities as much as it continues, continues to print some kind of dollar. This leads to infinite reviews of money.

Cardano CEO, who evaluates this issue from his Twitter account, criticized the policies of the FED recently. Hoskinson said he was ‘starting to get a feel of onecoin’ from the dollar.

The FED’s transition to unlimited money-printing mode did not only attract Hoskinson’s reaction. Other successful names of the crypto money markets, Changpeng Zhao and Anthony Pompliano, also used similar expressions.

While looking at the history, Pompliano stated that this situation was not sustainable, while CEO CZ in Binance commented that the FED increased the supply unlimitedly:

”Have you heard anything about supply, demand and price? If you have an unlimited and infinite supply, then what will happen to the price?

On the other hand, the crypto money sector hopes that such developments will reflect positively on the supply shortage situation, Bitcoin. Likewise, gold is another product that can be positively affected by this infinite money-printing policy.

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