Card and board games for fun with friends and family


The time has passed when board games were synonymous with War and Monopoly. Or that card games were synonymous with gambling or gambling. Modern games have rules to make them more dynamic and allow less and more experienced players to have fun together. Even that person who doesn’t know what board games or table games are, can enjoy with others.

If you want to know some good options, we have selected some board games for family, with different levels of difficulty. Invite your aunt who doesn’t know what boardgame is, and make the next family gathering more fun.

Play Black Stories Real Crimes, Galapagos

Black Stories is a card game that consists of unraveling puzzles, based on a story told. One of the players takes a card from the deck and reads a sentence. The rest of the players need to ask questions to understand what happened. An advantage of Black Stories is that the game can be played on dozens of people, great option when gathering family or friends.

Coup Game, Mandala Games

In Coup, you need to be the last player with influence in the game. Influence is represented by face-down character cards. Each player starts the game with two coins and two points of influence (two cards face down). In turn, you can perform the action of any of the characters, but if you are lying, other players can eliminate you … or, they can be eliminated by you.

The Resistance game, Galapagos

The Resistance is a deduction game in which players belong to the Resistance or are Imperial spies. Without knowing who is on each team, each round it is necessary to decide whether the players will support (victory of the Resistance) or sabotage (victory of the Empire) the missions. When a team wins three missions, it wins the game.


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