Caramel pooch campaign highlights security elements


When the Central Bank announced the creation of the R $ 200 note, there was a huge commotion on the internet for the caramel mongrel, this true Brazilian institution, to be honored on the ballot.

However, the BC followed the result of a poll published in the 2000s, in which the maned wolf ranked third. Those positioned in front of you, tortoise and golden lion tamarin, have already received ballots to call yours.

Thus, as much as the dog would be left out of this paper money, BACEN announced that it would run a campaign involving the animal. And it was finally released.

The video, which generated the apprehension of some by an edition at least curious to make the animal “talk”, highlights that the caramel mongrel is already widely known in Brazil, and that is why it is the turn of the maned wolf to shine.

The campaign, which has 44 seconds, also highlights the security items of the note so that the citizen knows how to recognize an original, and a fake. After all, this novelty can be targeted by scammers, and especially trade needs to break through the inspection mechanisms to avoid receiving payments with counterfeit bills.

Remember, by December the government plans to print 450 million R $ 200 bills, so it will be easier until you find one to call yours.


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