Cara Delevingne in a relationship with Kaia Gerber?


Cara Delevingne would she now be in a relationship with Kaia Gerber? These new photos panic the web.

New couple alert? While there is evidence that Ashley Benson has definitely recovered from her history with Cara Delevingne, the 27-year-old English model also seems to have put this relationship in the past. Yes, if the fans of the former couple hoped that the two young women get back together, it is now lost. While the actress star of Pretty Little Liars appears without complex with the rapper G-Eazy whom she has been dating for several weeks, Cara, until now very discreet, has meanwhile been seen very close to Kaia Gerber, enough to arouse suspicion among some Internet users.

During a march for the Black Lives Matter movement this Wednesday, July 15 in Los Angeles, Cara Delevingne and Kaia were photographed hand in hand and then embracing. It then took no more for the Web to think that the two young women are in a relationship: “In less than 24 hours, we discovered that Cara Delevingne probably dated Kaia Gerber and dated Dakota Johnson in 2016. Oh my God, what power she has! “,” Wait a second, Cara Delevingne goes out (potentially) with Kaia Gerber … Who is only 18 years old for a year … And she is 27 … Ca is not going “could be read on Twitter in particular. If the conclusions were quickly made, it should not be forgotten that the two top models are, until proven otherwise, mere friends. Can their relationship evolve? Only time will tell. While waiting to find out, know that Cara Delevingne has defined herself as pansexual and has confided in her private life since her breakup with Ashley Benson.

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