Cara Delevingne and Halsey spark romance rumors


Cara Delevingne and Halsey unleash romance rumors, both maintain an open relationship. One of the most popular models in the industry was shot by Cupid during the quarantine. Cara has defined herself as a pansexual person, while the singer has been sincere and open with her fans about her preferences and it seems that both have spent enough time together and managed to get along beyond friendship.

According to The Sun portal, Cara and Halsey would be starting a mild romance, they have even been openly affectionate in front of their friends. Apparently, both managed to leave behind their old relationships, the first with Ashley Benson and the second with the actor Peter Evans, the broken hearts of both celebs managed to find the chemistry to give themselves a new opportunity.

According to a source, both had the opportunity to see each other more frequently due to the pandemic, since Cara moved to Los Angeles she has spent time with Halsey in recent weeks, although she clarified that they do not want a formal relationship and feel tied to one. with the other, but they are not interested in seeing other people either.


The witness also shared that they have even gone out with their friends and Cara has no problem proving they have something, without labels, apparently they both want to enjoy their free time and being single, so they keep things casual and want to have fun without getting serious.

Regarding the situation with her ex-partners, the source states that neither of them has problems, although it is very ironic that G-Eazy, Halsey’s boyfriend in the past, is now with Ashley, after almost 2 years of relationship with Cara Delevingne, But things ended without hard feelings for both of them. So far, the romance rumors have not been confirmed or denied.

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Cara Delevingne and Halsey seem to be on the same page, a summer love is what could have developed between them, things could evolve and formalize, but they may continue with their friendship without problems, although the model has also been related to Kaia Gerber, with whom he has also spent much of his days in isolation.

On the other hand, her ex Ashley Benson has resumed her life and although she has not confirmed a relationship herself, she has been caught on several occasions with G-Eazy.


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