Car makers are expected to maintain high prices for years to come; understand


Since last year, the car market has been showing an unrestrained increase in the price of vehicles, from the most basic models to the luxury versions sold by reputable brands, such as the German giant BMW or Daimler, for example.


The rise in prices has several factors as its starting point, one of them being the shortage of chips, a problem that caused General Motors to stop production of the Chevrolet Onix.

The global market crisis in the semiconductor market directly affected the production of smartphones, computers and cars, causing some automakers to reduce production in order to circumvent the difficulties imposed by high demand and low availability of components.

The scarcity had a direct impact on the price charged for cars, which since the beginning of the pandemic have increased in value compared to the same period in 2019. Recently the automakers BMW and Daimler said they will keep prices high even after the end of the crisis , an action that should affect several countries, including Brazil.

According to Nicolas Peter, BMW’s financial director, the luxury car manufacturer must maintain the quantity of vehicles produced and the price in the coming years, indicating that there may be a freeze in values ​​and ruling out the possibility of reducing the amount charged by the automaker’s vehicles .

A Daimler executive also commented on the current market situation and said the company “is aware that it is not meeting current demand” and that it will invest in advancing the luxury segment.

What are your expectations for the future of the industry in the coming years? Do you believe that the trend is for prices to only increase? Tell us, comment!


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