Capybaras Using PCs: Internet Discusses Curious Photos Of Animals


Capybaras: Brazilians have known for a long time that capybaras are among the friendliest animals on the planet. The largest rodent in the world is a captive character in cities in the states of ParanĂ¡, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The proximity of animals to humans generated dozens of games, one of the most famous being the assembly of a capybara with a knife “threatening” another colleague. This week, another post went viral on social media.

A Twitter user recently recalled that there are several images out there showing capybaras in front of a computer. The publication questioning why it mixed the two things and became the subject of debate on the Brazilian internet. Check out the post below.

With more than 24,400 likes, 2,400 retweets and almost 400 responses. In addition to the debate about how people put rodents in front of a PC, many people took the opportunity to publish their own photos in the presence of capybaras.

Despite being quite typical in different regions of our country, it is also possible to find publications in English talking about the curious images.


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