Captures attempted femicide in CDMX


A video captured the moment in which a subject shot at point-blank range a young woman who was leaving her house, who was seriously injured, after receiving several shots in the face, head and chest.

The woman identified as Kimberly “N”, 29, who was taken to a hospital, blamed her ex-partner Leonel for having her killed.

Leonel “N” would be the grandson of the former president of Mexico, Luis Echeverría Alvarez (1970-1976).

The aggression that was captured by a video surveillance camera was recorded on the morning of September 15, when Kimberly left her home to go to a spa.

When leaving her home, the woman approached the Uber car that was already waiting for her, but a man appeared on the scene who took out a firearm from among his clothes and began to shoot Kimberly directly, giving her six shots in the head. , face and chest.

She was seriously injured and the subject fled.

The images were shared on social networks, where the moment of the attack is shown.

The woman blamed her ex-partner Leone “N”, with whom she has a son, for the assault. The woman said that the subject beat her when they had a romantic relationship.

“He knows exactly what time I have to leave my house in order to get there. I told him that I didn’t want anything with him, ”Kimberly told Noticieros Televisa.

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