Capture the world’s first 3200 megapixel digital photo


A state-of-the-art imaging instrument built to explore the greatest mysteries of the universe has undergone a practical test and has collected the largest photos ever photographed as a result of the peculiar experiment.

Images with more megapixels in history

The focal plane of what will become the world’s largest digital camera was used to take the first 3,200-megapixel images in history, with the team preparing to install this set of sensors on an ultra-sensitive telescope capable of detecting objects 100 million times. smaller than what can be seen with the naked eye.

The world’s largest and most powerful digital camera has been working at the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory since 2015. The device is the centerpiece of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory currently under construction in Chile, which will spend 10 years gathering the widest, fastest and deepest views of the night sky ever taken.

189 sensors at a time

This initiative is known as the “Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST)”, and the camera at the heart of it has suitably sophisticated hardware. The focal plane was assembled in January and features 189 individual image sensors registering 16 megapixels each.


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