Captain Marvel’s Ultimate Weapon Is Actually Another Avenger


Although it has been established in the Marvel universe that Captain Marvel is a one-man army capable of eliminating even the strongest cosmic threats, she reveals that her greatest weapon is not her energy projection of invulnerability to most attacks, but in fact her professional relationship. with another Avenger.

Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel after she was exposed to a Kree device that activated cosmic forces that had previously been dormant in her body—powers she inherited from her Kree mother. These abilities include flight, manipulation and energy absorption, photon explosions and self-sustainment, to name just a few. In fact, Carol Danvers has become untouchable. When Danvers first became a hero, she was codenamed Miss Marvel before assuming the mantle of Captain Marvel after the death of her longtime friend and mentor Mar-Vell. Fully becoming a hero, Captain Marvel has become one of, if not the strongest Avenger. Moreover, with the seemingly constant help of one of her teammates, she became even stronger.

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In Captain Marvel #29 by Kelly Thompson and Jacopo Camagni, Carol Danvers tracks down a villainous sorcerer in the hope that she will teach her magic after Captain Marvel was rejected in this request by all other magic users on Earth. The person she goes to is a Sorceress who is immediately overwhelmed by the presence of Captain Marvel in front of her, especially in a situation where Carol asks her for help. When the Enchantress insists on how she found her, as the Enchantress has made considerable efforts to remain hidden from the Avengers, Carol responds bluntly: “I find it funny that you’re thinking about Thor—the King of Asgard, the Allfather, the God of Thunder and most recently the Messenger of fucking Galactus—doesn’t know exactly where you are, Enchantress.

What’s interesting about Captain Marvel’s response is that she mentions Thor without provocation, indicating that she has seemingly unlimited access to Thor’s knowledge of the whereabouts of any villain she wants to find. In addition, Thor is obviously ready to disclose this information to Captain Marvel without question. Carol, looking for a Sorceress in an attempt to learn magic, should have caused some concerns among the Avengers, especially after Doctor Strange had already informed every hero in the Marvel universe about Captain Marvel’s study of magic. However, it looks like Thor just reported the location of Captain Marvel’s Enchantress without question. This makes one wonder what other villain Thor could have helped Captain Marvel find in the blink of an eye.

Captain Marvel has the physical power to defeat almost any villain she fights, and since Thor is obviously willing to tell her the location of any villain she hunts, she can attack any and all villains without their knowledge. This would give her a significant advantage in the form of an element of surprise. Thor could use his all—seeing knowledge of the cosmos to find all the villains of Captain Marvel, as he did in this issue, and then Captain Marvel could use this knowledge to defeat these villains so that they would not notice her arrival – this would ensure her victory. This proves that Captain Marvel’s ultimate weapon is actually her fellow Avenger, Thor.