Captain Marvel’s Replacement Just Stole Her Best Image


Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #39 from Marvel Comics

Binary stole the best image of Captain Marvel, as the new hero decided to take the face and costume of Carol Danvers when she is going through a crisis of her own personality. In Captain Marvel #39 from Marvel Comics, Binari’s fiery form takes on Carol’s exact appearance, confusing her fellow heroes and the general public. However, when Danvers is out of the world, Binari does what is convenient for her until she finds out who she is or what she really is.

In the current issue of Captain Marvel at Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers used her powers to create a sentient energy creature that helped her defeat the villain who was fighting her friends and allies. However, when the dust settled, the mighty being continued to exist with its own consciousness. Things got even more complicated when Captain Marvel disappeared to Earth after being put on trial for her crimes against magic. Now that Carol is gone, Binari steals her image, deciding not to use the fiery appearance she was presented with.

In Captain Marvel #39 by Kelly Thompson, Juan Frigeri, Alvaro Lopez, Geordie Bellera and Clayton Coles from Marvel Comics VC, the unexpected appearance of Captain Marvel on Earth caused a storm of indignation from the general public, as Spider-Woman is stunned to see her close friend return after disappearing. However, after Jessica Drew takes her friend aside, she realizes that Binari is stealing Carol’s appearance. When she is confronted with a sentient energy form due to having adopted the appearance and costume of Captain Marvel, Binari tells her that she will continue to wear this image until “I find out who I am.”

Binari stealing the look and costume of Captain Marvel came at a surprisingly good time for both Carol Danvers and Binari. With Danvers missing and facing trial for her crimes against magic, Binari can calm the fears of those who would be concerned about Captain Marvel’s sudden absence. Although Binari still has a childish understanding of how people work, so she is not a very good foil in herself. Fortunately, Spider-Woman is willing to work with Binari until she figures out how to become a hero and develop her own personality, not just an exact copy of Carol. Unfortunately, Danvers’ sister Lauri-Ell believes that Binari is somehow involved in the disappearance of Captain Marvel.

Eventually, Binari will need to decide who she is. She can’t steal the image and costume of Captain Marvel forever. However, given that she is still new to existence in general and probably misses Carol Danvers, she feels most comfortable taking her form at the moment. When Captain Marvel returns from where she was taken, she can talk to Binari about what image suits her. Until otherwise indicated, Binari steals her looks. Captain Marvel #39 is already in comic book stores.