Captain Marvel Cares Most about One MCU Hero

Although Captain Marvel has committed herself to protecting the lives of everyone, not only on Earth, but throughout the cosmos, there is still one person she cares about more than anyone else — the hero who has just been introduced to the MCU.
Kamala Khan, aka Miss Marvel, made her debut in the Marvel cinematic universe in her original Disney+ series “Miss Marvel”. Although her connection to Captain Marvel does not go beyond admiration from afar, they are very close in the comics, as Ms. Marvel has officially joined a number of “Miracles”, including Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Geniswell and Phil. – Led to name a few. Being part of an elite squad of superheroes led by Captain Marvel is a source of great pride and happiness for Ms. Marvel in the comics — and will undoubtedly be in the MCU — but it also comes with a lot of personal risk.
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In Captain Marvel #33 by Kelly Thompson and Sergio Davila, Captain Marvel fights the villainous Vox Supreme again after the previous “The Last Avenger” storyline, in which Vox manipulated Captain Marvel to kill her fellow Avengers. Now the same symbiotic costume that Vox used to hold Captain Marvel captive is used in other Marvel comics, and as soon as Carol finds out, she flies at super speed to Kamala’s house to make sure that she is all right. When Captain Marvel gets there, she discovers that Miss Marvel is fighting for her life with several figures in Vox Supreme costumes, and mind-controlled minions were trying to put one of the costumes on Miss Marvel herself. Before the stubborn villains succeed, Captain Marvel breaks into the house and pulls Miss Marvel out, but Carol fears that she is already too late to save her, as Kamala was unconscious during the escape.
While Miss Marvel eventually recovers and even helps Captain Marvel in the battle against the heroes controlled by Vox, Captain Marvel feared the worst and became mortally angry at the Supreme Vox, retreating from his henchmen. Captain Marvel tells himself that if anything happens to Kamala, Vox Supreme will not be able to escape her revenge. Captain Marvel’s intuitive reaction to even the thought of Miss Marvel being seriously injured or even killed proves how much she cares about her. Moreover, it proves how much Carol cares about Kamala more than about any other person in her life. Shortly before this storyline, Vox Supreme threatened the lives of all the Avengers, who at the moment have become like relatives for Carol. Although she didn’t want anything bad to happen to the other Avengers, Captain Marvel was nowhere near as furious as she was in this issue when Miss Marvel’s life was at stake.
It makes sense that Captain Marvel cares about Ms. Marvel more than anyone else because she feels an overwhelming sense of responsibility for her. Carol Danvers is Kamala’s idol, primarily the driving force behind her becoming a hero. Since Miss Marvel is the equal of Captain Marvel, Carol has taken care of her safety no matter what, even in situations where Miss Marvel is more than capable of taking care of herself. Also, in this particular case, Vox Supreme only pursued Ms. Marvel because of Carol, so if Kamala is killed, her death will fall on Carol’s shoulders. While this is a brief moment of unease between the mentor and her charge, this question says a lot about how Captain Marvel really feels about Ms. Marvel — something that will undoubtedly be explored in the future MCU.