Captain Marvel Can Destroy the Hulk with One Brutal Attack


It’s no secret that Captain Marvel is one of, if not the strongest hero of the Avengers, so the idea that she can defeat the Hulk in battle should not surprise fans. What’s impressive, though, is how easy it would be for her to defeat the Hulk, as Captain Marvel proves she can destroy him with one brutal attack.

Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel after a Kree device activated the cosmic forces dormant in her body, given that she was half Kree on her mother’s side. Although she originally took the name Miss Marvel, Carol became Captain Marvel after the death of her friend and mentor Mar-Vell, who originally bore this iconic title. Having become a superhero, Captain Marvel has committed herself to fighting for what is right and just, not only on Earth with the Avengers, but throughout the cosmos. However, in one of Captain Marvel’s most violent storylines, she confronts the other Avengers, and at this time she unleashes one of her most powerful and ruthless attacks.

In Captain Marvel #15 by Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett, Captain Marvel is forced to kill his fellow Avengers due to the extremely powerful Vox Supreme, who has trapped Carol in a symbiotic suit that watches her every move. After fans are convinced that Captain Marvel is actually committing the murders, it turns out that she simply incapacitates the Avengers and transports them to a pocket dimension where they are safe from the supervision of Vox Supreme, and then she delivers the inactive Avengers clones to Vox. The Avengers as false evidence of their demise. The only problem was that Captain Marvel couldn’t tell the Avengers about her plan until she fought them, so every hero she had to fight really thought she was trying to kill them, so the Hulk Woman didn’t hold back. Captain Marvel, when she thought that her life and the lives of other Avengers were really in danger.

While the Hulk Woman beat Captain Marvel at the beginning of their fight, Carol used her powers to suck the electricity out of the Hulk Woman’s brain, leaving her with nothing. This attack is absolutely brutal, as it will immediately kill anyone Captain Marvel uses it against, with the exception of the Hulk, which Captain Marvel makes clear in this issue. Since this attack worked against the Female Hulk, since the hero was at the epicenter of the Berserker rampage, it makes sense that it would work against the Hulk, especially considering how the attack actually works. Captain Marvel sucks the life force out of someone by absorbing all the electricity from their brain, effectively shutting down their brain activity and disabling them in a matter of moments. Based on the specifics of this particular technique, it doesn’t matter how strong a person is when electricity is pumped out of his brain, and the Hulk is no exception.

This power would be especially useful against the Hulk in the current continuity, given his brand new form. Bruce Banner took control of the Hulk’s body and turned it into his “Spaceship”, giving him the opportunity to use the Hulk’s power without losing control, while Bruce’s consciousness safely takes this spaceship out of his mind. If Captain Marvel uses this “energy drain” attack against him, it can disable his system and completely destroy the mechanics of the Hulk’s spaceship, thereby causing irreparable damage to the Hulk himself. Although even if the Hulk was in his original form, Carol’s battle with the Hulk Woman has already proved that Captain Marvel can destroy the Hulk with one brutal attack.