Captain Laserhawk: Netflix Announces Anime Based On Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


Captain Laserhawk: Netflix announced this Friday (11) that it is working on an anime adaptation called Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, based on the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon expansion story, .

The series will have six episodes and will be something of an homage to the 1980s. “Animation is one of the most powerful ways to honor the gaming culture and community,” said Juguet, managing director of Ubisoft Film & Television. “It’s really inspiring to partner with creative talent like Adi Shankar and Derek Kolstad to rethink our worlds for Netflix.”

Adi Shankar is the creator, along with producers Juguet, Revon and Guillemot. The direction is in the hands of Mehdi Leffad. According to Shankar, animation combines a multitude of styles to offer a nostalgic journey.


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