Captain America’s Human Shield is the Most Violent in Marvel History


In the trailer for the game Marvel Mech Strike: Monster Hunters Doctor Strange uses his magic to upgrade Captain America’s mechanical suit with a new brutal weapon: a human shield. Mech Strike: Monster Hunters is a sequel to last year’s Avengers: Mech Strike, and now the Avengers are getting brand new mechanical suits with magical upgrades to battle the star cast of Marvel villains.

In Avengers: Mech Strike by Jed McKay and Carlos Magno, the Avengers fought Kang the Conqueror in a battle in time with the help of mechanical suits that channeled their powers in a new way. In this latest release Doctor Doom received the Eye of the Kraken, capable of turning himself and other villains into new monstrous forms. The Avengers rush to the scene in their mechanical armor to stop him, and although the Avengers have defeated threats like the Pacific Rim before, this time the suits do little to help against the villain’s new magic. Needing their own magic to fight Doom and his team, the heroes turn to Doctor Strange, who gives them his monstrous improvements with the help of his Kraken Eye. Captain America and the team will need all the help they can get to deal with this new threat, but won’t these new forms be too difficult even for the heroes?

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Mech Strike: Monster Hunters is being released as a five-issue miniseries written by Christos Gage and designed by Paco Diaz. Marvel Headquarters recently released a trailer for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters on YouTube, which shows how Doctor Strange complements Steve Rogers’ costume with new monstrous features and technologies that make Captain America as powerful as the magically enhanced Iron Man. The appearance of Cap’s costume is made less square and more organic. His gauntlets become more ferocious with spikes, and two new mechanical wings grow out of his back. However, the newest and by far the most brutal feature of the mech is the shield, which not only resembles the classic Cap shield more, but is also filled with live magic and has a massive retractable saber. The Avengers will need all the upgrades they can get to fight Doctor Doom’s team of villains.

This new magical mechanical suit really suits the star Avenger, and he’s not the only one getting a new upgrade. In the first issue, Iron Man, Black Panther, Wasp, and Hulk battle monstrous versions of Doom, Green Goblin, Loki, and a terrifying new form of Venom. Dr. Doom claims that the Avengers have never “faced them like this,” and he’s right. In the initial battle, the four heroes are defeated and forced to retreat from the demonically transformed villains, but Doctor Strange has a few tricks up his sleeve to help. Although Captain America doesn’t appear in the first installment, the trailer for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters teases with the exciting return of the First Avenger and his monstrous new weapon.

The trailer for Marvel’s new Mech Strike: Monster Hunters is enough to interest anyone who wants to see the mayhem between robots and monsters. This summer we are waiting for a new brutal clash between heroes and villains. Be sure to check out Captain America and his new improved armor along with the rest of the Avengers in Marvel’s Mech Strike: Monster Hunters. The first issue is already available in comic book stores.


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