Captain America points out the main drawback of the new “Avengers”


Warning: Contains spoilers for Avengers #58!

Marvel’s Captain America wasn’t a founding member of the Avengers, but he is one of the oldest and most often the leader, which puts him in the perfect position to see the most common mistake of new members. As one of the few Avengers with real wartime military experience, Steve Rogers is a brilliant tactician and strategist who can see inherent flaws in any system, especially in his own team. In Avengers #58, he harshly punishes Nighthawk, the newest fighter, for failing to correct a fatal mistake.

Even before he became a member of the Avengers, Captain America was part of a team in the United States Army. Although Rogers is not a traditional superhero team, he has learned the value of teamwork, communication and coordination throughout the war — and, although Rogers himself has never been prone to lone wolf behavior, he often collaborates with stubborn characters who always prefer to take matters on themselves. hands (Iron Man is a vivid example). It seems to be a recurring issue, especially with the team’s newest addition, Nighthawk.

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In Avengers #58, written by Jason Aaron with art by Javier Garron, Captain America and Nighthawk find themselves in feudal Japan (particularly during the Edo period) and disguise themselves as humble pilgrims. The two are on the trail of a Ghost Rider from this particular universe – the Ghostly Ronin of Japan. True to his name, the Ghostly Ronin approaches the two Avengers without being detected by either participant, prompting Nighthawk to say, “You’re making too much noise. I had to do it alone.” “The news guys always say that,” Captain America replies.

Captain America is referring to the many new members of the Avengers who seek to prove themselves by completing a large—scale mission on their own – something he has seen time and time again. Again, Iron Man immediately comes to mind — in “Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War” he goes to fight the Hulk and Thor alone, without support. But in this case, Captain America is absolutely right in chastising the Nighthawk for his desire to act alone: this character is a transparent replacement for Batman from DC, a dark, lonely superhero who, as you know, remains in the shadows and often leaves his teams. helpers to complete missions alone. This behavior has led Batman into trouble more than once, and it goes without saying that it will lead the Nighthawk along the same path.

With so many stubborn and stubborn Avengers on the team, it’s no wonder Captain America warns against leaving the group, even temporarily. Black Panther, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel and other fiercely independent characters often go against his suggestions. So Captain America feels the need to rule the Nighthawk before he further endangers the Avengers.


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