Captain America and Batman destroyed their buddies in the same way


Warning! Ahead of the spoilers for the movie “Captain America: Guardian of Freedom No. 1”

As for the buddies, Batman and Captain America definitely have a few tragic ones. And the two heroes, unknowingly, made them even more tragic.

The two tragic partners are obviously Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes, known as the Red Hood and the Winter Soldier, respectively. Jason Todd was infamously known as Robin when the Joker beat him to death with a crowbar. Although his death left a scar on Batman, Jason eventually returned as the anti-hero Red Hood. Bucky’s death was not as cruel, but as tragic as his loss during World War II. Of course, Bucky will return later as a brainwashed Winter Soldier. Only after this brainwashing is stopped will Bucky return to his heroic path.

A detail showing the similarities between the two situations takes place in Captain America: Guardian of Freedom No. 1″ by Jackson Lansing, Colleen Kelly and Carmen Carnero. Captain America teams up with the Winter Soldier to stop the attack on the parade. They encounter a lone attacker with superpowers, which requires the efforts of both to suppress. During the battle, the Winter Soldier determines that the only way to eliminate the threat is to kill him. But Captain America intervenes, standing in front of the Winter Soldier’s bullets and reflecting them with his shield.

Captain America rarely uses weapons, but Cap’s main weapon is a shield. Unlike the Winter Soldier, who almost always uses deadly weapons in battle. It’s interesting to see comparisons between Bucky and Jason Todd, who also gravitates towards firearms, even though his mentor Batman dislikes him so much. To take it one step further, Captain America saved a man’s life by preventing the unnecessary killing of a Winter Soldier. This is what Batman used to do with the Red Hood.

Since the Red Hood and the Winter Soldier are such complex characters, it’s hard to make out their characters and thought processes to get into their heads. Both were young assistants living in the shadow of their mentors. Their lives were also tragically cut short during this period of time, only to reappear later under new names. These personalities were evil and vindictive, prone to more violence than their previous nicknames. It doesn’t matter if it was the intentions of Batman and Captain America, but by taking both of these young people under their wing, the heroes indirectly led to the fact that they became antiheroes.