Captain America 4 On The March With Showrunner Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Captain America: After the end of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, Marvel Studios confirms the fourth part of the MCU saga with the new Captain America.The second series of Marvel Studios for Disney +, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, came to an end last Friday with the broadcast of its sixth and last episode, a series that has finally left us a new Captain America. And a few hours after said end, the news broke that Marvel Studios has given the green light to the production of a quarter of the UCM Captain America saga, this time with the new Cap as the protagonist, all with Malcom Spellman, Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner, up front.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoilers notice

Thus, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Malcom Spellman and Dalan Musson (scriptwriter of the fifth episode of the series) are already working on the script for Captain America 4 (provisional title), in order to continue with the story of the new Captain America in Falcon’s skin after the outcome of his own series. Of course, at the moment there is no information about the story, although the final section of the series already left us several fronts open to develop in the UCM.

Plots such as those of the new Cap and his new role in the MCU with his spectacular suit made in Wakanda, the renderation of Bucky, the role of Sharon Carter and his double game, the influence of Baron Zemo or the direction of the new U.S. Walker’s Agent. Of course, the possibilities are enormous and give rise to count many stories told in the comics with these characters, from the creation of the Thunderbolts or the Dark Avengers, groups of antiheroes that could arrive at Marvel Studios sooner rather than later.

Let us remember that the progression of the Captain America saga in the UCM has been spectacular in collection, with a discreet box office for the first installment to go on to exceed more than 1,100 million dollars with Captain America: Civil War.


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