Captain America 4: Creator Does Not Confirm New Film With Sam Wilson


Captain America 4: The latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier confirmed what all fans expected: Sam Wilson is the new Captain America of the MCU. On the same day that the first season of the series ended, rumors emerged that Captain America 4 was already in development.

One of those responsible for the new feature would be Malcolm Spellman, screenwriter and executive producer on the series about Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. In an interview for the Comicbook website, Spellman played down the rumors and said that no one should be excited until Marvel Studios itself confirms the production.

Won’t there be Captain America 4?

According to Spellman, he does not believe any information that was not announced by the head of the studio, Kevin Feige. Although the news came from reliable Marvel sources, there is still no official stance on the development of the film.

To clarify his statement, the producer explained how the creation process is inside the studio. According to him, you are free to create the story however you want. But, soon after, they analyze the whole plot to draw the connections with future MCU productions.

With regard to the next steps, Spellman is not sure what will happen. However, the screenwriter believes that Sharon Carter has the potential for new stories. For him, after the character has been revealed as the Merchant of Power, she can go both ways: villain or heroine.

You can check out all episodes of the first season of Hawk and the Winter Soldier on Disney +.


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