Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie To Star in New Film


Captain America 4: Marvel announced this Wednesday (18th) that actor Anthony Mackie, better known as Falcon in the Avengers films, will star in the new feature Captain America 4. Despite much expected — and obvious — by fans, the decision has only been confirmed after four months of the movie’s announcement.

With the protagonism, the character starts to assume the role of the superhero – played by Chris Evans in the previous films. It is expected that the film has a direct relationship with the story covered in the series Falcão and the Winter Soldier, broadcast by Disney+.

In production, he questions himself and gets into internal conflict after being “assigned” to introduce himself as the new Captain America. More details about a possible participation of actor Sebastian Stan were also not disclosed.

No other information about the plot has yet been released. The script for the fourth movie Captain America 4 will be in the hands of Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson. So far, no director has been named and there is no forecast for the release.


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