Capcom works on Resident Evil Outbreak


If a leak that surfaced on the network recently turns out to be confirmed at some point, Capcom has big plans for its fans taking into account the next four years, including Dragon’s Dogma 2, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Resident Evil Outbreak, new Monsters Hunter, Street Fighter 6 and more.

Although there is no confirmation from the Japanese producer, it is worth remembering that companies tend to plan ahead some time in advance. Interestingly, the person who had access to the document provided the image that you can see below, where you can see a detailed plan in Japanese.

If you are curious, see below which games are included in the document and their launch windows:

Resident Evil Outrage – fourth quarter of 2021

Dragon’s Dogma 2 – second quarter 2022

Street Fighter 6 – third quarter 2022

Rockman (Mega Man) Match – third quarter 2022

Residen Evil 4 Remake – fourth quarter 2022

Onimusha New Work – fourth quarter 2022

Monster Hunter 6 – Q3 2023

Biohazard Apocalypse – third quarter of 2023

Super Street Fighter 6 – fourth quarter 2023

Final Fight Remake – second quarter 2024

Power Stone Remake – third quarter of 2024

Ultra Street Fighter 6 – fourth quarter 2024

Resident Evil Hank – fourth quarter 2024

Are you looking forward to checking out any of these titles? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments. Remember: Capcom has not yet officially announced any of these projects, so this news should be treated as a rumor.

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