Capcom Will Focus On Its Upcoming Releases On PC


Capcom will focus its future releases on computers, making the PC its main platform for years to come. The information is from the Video Games Chronicle.

The news was revealed by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, COO of Capcom, in an interview with the Japanese publication Nikkei. The company plans to make computers responsible for approximately half of its sales revenue by the end of next year.

“PC is leading global sales,” said Tsujimoto. “We recently announced that we will be making the PC our flagship platform. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we focused on showing the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise,” explained the executive.

According to Eurogamer, the pandemic has caused sales of digital versions of games to increase significantly, making the PC games market become even more popular. This prompted Capcom to re-evaluate its strategy as, despite getting good numbers on consoles, it has seen high sales figures for its PC versions of its games in digital format.

“Resident Evil 7 still sells millions of copies [on PC] every year,” Tsujimoto said, justifying the platform focus transition. For him, as PCs can run games in high quality, the number of users choosing to play on the computer should also increase.

“We will continue to expand our business to dedicated gaming consoles, which until now were the mainstream, but computers will be the mainstream in the future. In the next year or the next year, we want to equalize the proportion of sales for PC and consoles,” explained the COO .

In 2019, the company revealed that computers were the second largest platform with players running Monster Hunter World. In addition, Resident Evil Village set a record for simultaneous players on Steam earlier this year.


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