Capcom Teppen: Card Game Launched In Brazil


Capcom Teppen: Did you know that Capcom has its own free to play game card? GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) has announced that iOS and Android devices now have free access to TEPPEN on the App Store and Google Play, allowing everyone to play version 3.5 and the new Quest of Ruin set!

This is the first act of a three-part story, featuring several characters straight from acclaimed Capcom series such as Ace Attorney, Mega Man and Monster Hunter!

You can build your own decks using these heroes, and then participate in turn-based or real-time combat anytime during the five-minute skirmishes. If you get tired of playing against the CPU, you can still compete with other players in ranked format!

Another incentive to install the game is that there is currently a login bonus that will be active until January 4th, 2022. By playing now you can free up 50 ticket packages, 10 “Mission of Ruin” tickets, 10 tickets from “CORE” pack, Special TEPPEN 10 Pack, in addition to Happy Mini Jewel Packs 1, 2 and 3 for sale.

Old-school gamers will recognize Breath of Fire’s Goddess Myria as new to Mission of Ruin, and the ante card packs feature other Capcom icons like Devil May Cry’s Dante, Resident Evil’s Leon, and Super Street Fighter’s Cammy!

What did you think of this news? Are you thinking of downloading the game? Comment below!