Capcom suffers ransomware attack


Game developer Capcom was affected by a ransomware attack. Last week, the company announced that its system was compromised by a third party, which hampered internal operations.

The official statement on the attack did not provide detailed details on the matter and merely tried to reassure shareholders. “At the moment, there is no indication that any customer information has been breached,” explained the company. “This incident did not affect the company’s online game connections or access to its various websites.”

Although the attack occurred last week, the company may still be facing the consequences of the problem. On its contact website, the company says it is not yet able to answer questions by e-mail because of the “security inconvenience” that began on November 2.

More than 1 TB of data

According to information obtained by Bleeping Computer, the hackers responsible for the attack are known as Ragnar Locker. According to a note sent by the cyber criminals responsible for the attack, about 1 TB of data has been compromised.

The message indicates that the attack managed to intercept company information in Japan, the United States and Canada. According to the note, the ransomware hijacked information such as accounting details, intellectual property and personal emails.

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