Capcom should remake Devil May Cry 3 on the RE Engine


Capcom’s recent success with Resident Evil remakes raises the question of what other franchises they could revive with the RE Engine. Modern sequels, such as Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter Rise, and now Street Fighter 6, were created and are being created on this engine, but remaking classic games could introduce newcomers to many long-standing Capcom franchises. Since Devil May Cry 5 in particular was a huge success for the series, the company could have remade Devil May Cry 3 using the same tools.

For those who are not familiar with the Devil May Cry chronology, Devil May Cry 3 is the chronological beginning of the devil hunting canon. In the game, players take control of a much younger Dante, who is struggling to open his still unnamed store. After a giant demonic tower appears in the middle of the city in which he does business, Dante realizes that these otherworldly events are the work of his twin brother Virgil. Combine a deeply personal story with stylish fights, and Devil May Cry 3 more than compensates for the parody of Devil May Cry 2.

Both the story and the videos were as stylish as possible

Devil May Cry 3 brought Dante back to his roots and humanized him in a way that previous games didn’t. Although he is still a brash demon hunter, the inclusion of Virgil and the dysfunctional paternal relationship between Arkham and Lady helped Dante understand how important it is to be the son of Sparda. This emphasis on family and responsibility formed the basis of the narrative among all the crazy tricks that the characters do.

The tricks in Devil May Cry 3 are really maddening. It’s only in the opening part that Dante fights off a small army of demons in his shop; the action gets wilder as more actors are introduced. Fans would love to see how the classic story and battle scenes have been remade using the RE Engine. Given that Devil May Cry 5 was able to tell a completely new story while retaining the high-octane action sequences, Capcom could definitely remake these scenes.

Devil May Cry 3 introduced a style system

Prior to Devil May Cry 3, players could only attack with melee weapons or firearms. Each of these weapons was tied to a single button, and although mixing button presses resulted in stylish combinations, the overall expression of the player was ultimately limited. With the style system, players could set a specific button to one fighting style. The Trickster style allows you to make quick movements, reducing the distance between enemies and making it easier to bypass and fight. The shooter reveals the full potential of Dante’s firearms, while the Sword Master does the same with melee weapons. The Royal Guard focuses on choosing the right time for blocks to withstand enemy attacks. Mercury gives Dante the ability to slow down time. Finally, the Doppelganger allows Dante to create his shadow copy to help in the fight.

Later games in the Devil May Cry series give Dante the ability to switch styles on the fly, but their introduction to Devil May Cry 3 was revolutionary for the time. This gave the players more opportunities to play the way they wanted, and no two players could control Dante the same way. Adding the ability for players to switch styles while playing will make the game more modern and make Dante more powerful than he is. Given that modders have already done this for the original Devil May Cry 3, it would be in Capcom’s interest to save everyone time and officially include style switching in the remake.

What’s interesting about the Devil May Cry games is that their basic formula has largely remained unchanged since its inception. Players are still treated to cheesy stories and excessive gameplay, but this fills a certain void that no other video game franchise fills. Capcom does not need to change the tone of Devil May Cry 3, as it was in the Resident Evil remakes. All you have to do is update the game using the same methods as for Devil May Cry 5. This will delight old fans and give newcomers the perfect starting point for the series.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition is now available for the Nintendo Switch.