Capcom prohibits spoiler disclosure in videos


Whoever creates video content about Capcom games on the internet, whether on social networks, Twitch or Youtube, should be aware of the new rules established by the producer, which will tighten the siege on spoilers!

In its new guidelines page, Capcom clarifies that even after a game is released, it will only be allowed to record tutorials, guides, speedruns, gameplay segments, review and reactions trying as much as possible to pass on information to your audience. If something posted is considered a spoiler, the video can be blocked:

“Any unauthorized posting or use of video content before a game is released is strictly prohibited,” says Capcom. “Even after the release, spoilers can spoil the experience for fans and we always want to avoid them. Please have respect for others and do not deliberately reveal elements of the games to people who are trying to escape from them. spoiler notices in the videos. ”

In addition, it is not allowed to separate the sound from the images, nor to post these elements isolated from each other. Apparently, the measures were implemented to try to minimize spoilers about Resident Evil Village, the long awaited new chapter of the franchise that will hit stores in 2021. Are you looking forward to it? What do you think of the culture of spoilers on the internet? Comment below!

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