Capcom explains that it is not coming to MHW Switch


The Japanese firm is not surprising with its argument, but it justifies the technical and development reasons that led it to take another parallel path.

Monster Hunter Rise is why Monster Hunter World will never come to Nintendo Switch. What may seem like a simple justification has an extensive argument behind it, given that the game that will be released exclusively in 2021 for Nintendo Switch has been in development for four years with the RE Engine as the engine. Capcom wanted to establish two tracks and, in this way, it has succeeded.

In a meeting with Eurogamer, the producer of the Ryōzō Tsujimoto saga has been accompanied by the director of the game, Yasunori Ichinose, who have been in charge of answering and explaining the recurring question of whether the successful Monster Hunter World would be possible at some point in the future. (more than 16.1 million units sold; best-selling game in the company’s history) on the no less popular Nintendo Switch.

In search of an experience consistent with a portable console

The short answer is no, the argument is as follows. “To be honest, not really,” Tsujimoto begins by saying about whether they considered a Monster Hunter World port on Switch. “Because we treat each title as unique in its concept, and you can’t ignore the hardware you’re launching it on when you design the game. If you have something like Nintendo Switch, which is more about grab and play, you can play anywhere; you don’t necessarily want to have the same playable experience as if you assume that you are playing in front of a big television lying on your couch for four hours ”.

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We want to be able to design a game that you can pick up and play for 30 minutes anywhere

Different perspectives and an approach that, in his words, it seems that Monster Hunter World does not directly fit the Nintendo Switch. That is why in 2015, when they began planning the development of Monster hunter Rise by Ichinose’s team (at the same time World was being developed by another team), they decided to follow the classic trail of the saga on Monster Hunter 3, MH4 or Monster laptops. Hunter Generations Ultimate.


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