Capcom announces The Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village


Capcom: In a video leaked by PlayStation Arabia, Capcom announced that the classic The Mercenaries mode will be featured in Resident Evil Village. Check out the trailer:

In addition to what we already know about the mode, in Village it will have some additions to gameplay, in addition to being already available with the main game, check out the following:

The Shop – In this version of The Mercenaries it will be possible to access the Duke’s shop between areas, allowing the player to buy weapons or make upgrades.

Customization – The player will have to think about his strategy, knowing which weapons to take for each stage and how to customize them.

Skills – Skills can increase the damage of pistols, improve their speed and even increase their defense.

According to Capcom, the last stages of The Mercenaries mode are extremely difficult, but players will be rewarded for completing each one.

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