Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Riders for Android and iOS


A new mobile game for the popular Monster Hunter series is on the way. According to the statement made by Capcom, the new game named Monster Hunter Riders will be released for Android and iOS platforms soon.

Capcom announces the new mobile game called Monster Hunter Riders for iOS and Android. The new mobile game of the Monster Hunter series seems to be based on the Monster Hunter Stories in terms of graphics along with the characters that look older. Even though Monster Hunter Riders contains purchasable content such as items and cosmetics, it will be a free game to download.

The story of Monster Hunter Riders takes place in the Felgia continent, where humans and monsters live together. Felgia is about to be devoured by a dark evil and it is up to the players to save her. Players will command monsters and riders as the leader of the Riders Guild group, and unravel the mystery of dark riders that weaken peace in Felgia.

In the game, you can collect monsters from the Monster Hunter series, upgrade them, and create your own party and take missions. More monsters will be added to the game with updates, as well as other popular monsters from the Rathalos, Zinogre, Nargacuga, Glavenus and Monster Hunter series.

It is not yet announced in which regions Monster Hunter Riders will be released and when. However, the game’s App Store Japan page states that it will be released on February 29. Currently, there is another game in the mobile stores of the series Monster Hunter Stories.

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