Capcom adds soundtrack for Dino Crisis and Far Cry on Steam


Capcom: In a note posted on the official website, Capcom revealed that new soundtracks for its games have been added on Steam, including a total of approximately 350 songs for Okami, Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2, in addition to a selection with the theme of Vergil, from Devil May Cry 5.

According to the list shared by the publisher, Devil May Cry 5 received 16 new tracks, including the combat songs of V and Vergil, while Okami won five discs of original soundtrack composed in an instrumental way. The first two Dino Crisis now have the full OST of the games, including almost 120 memorable and nostalgic songs for fans. Check out the digital disc arts below.

All songs are available in FLAC, MP3 and AAC formats and can be purchased separately on the Valve platform. The sounds can also be heard in full through Spotify’s Capcom Sound Team profile.

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