Can’t you see the handwriting on the Apple Watch?


The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the smartwatch by reference and one of the most desired wearables around the world. Now, if you are one of the lucky ones to have one, it is likely that you have encountered the problem of not seeing well the messages that are shown on the clock screen.

Every day there are many messages that we can receive on our Apple Watch, SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails, etc. However, it may be difficult for us to see some of the items on the screen. That is why we are going to show below how to change the text size of the Apple Watch so that the letters appear larger.

How to change the font size of the Apple Watch

The Apple environment allows access to this option and other configuration settings from the watch itself or from the Watch app on our iPhone. If we prefer to change the text size in the Apple Watch settings, the first thing we have to do is open the settings application on the watch.

Next, we move to the option Screen and brightness. Once there, we select the Text size option and a slider will appear that allows us to enlarge the font of the clock by simply sliding it to the right. From there it is possible to press the arrow shown at the top to go back or enable the switch that allows us to make the text bold.

If, on the other hand, we prefer to make this change from the Watch app on our iPhone, then we have to open the app and select the My Watch tab. Now, we scroll through the menu options and select Screen and brightness. Again, we will be shown a slider that allows us to set a larger size for the Apple Watch letter.

It is important to know that not all the text will be shown larger, although the font of our messages will be shown in the selected size. In addition, the text size settings of the Apple Watch allow you to indicate that the text size is dynamic, something that some applications support and that makes the text appear larger or smaller depending on the needs.

We must not forget either that we can use the function that allows us to zoom in on the clock screen, which makes it easier for us to view certain data at a certain time.


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