Canon unveils its first 3D VR video lens! Here are the features


Canon introduced a lens that offers 3D VR video recording for the EOS R5 model, breaking new ground.


Canon EOS R series is among the most preferred mirrorless full frame (Full Frame) cameras. Focusing on 3D and VR technologies, Canon has developed a fisheye 3D lens for the EOS R5.

Canon develops 3D VR lens for EOS R5

Coming with dual 5.2mm f/2.8 fisheye lenses, Canon has positioned the fisheye lenses 60mm apart for 3D VR images.

The accessory, which appeals to those who want to produce content for Oculus Quest 2, is described as “the world’s first digital interchangeable lens that can capture stereoscopic 3D 180-degree VR images on a single image sensor.”

Although the company has not announced it yet, it is estimated that the introduced lens is only compatible with the EOS R5 model. The lens, which offers trouble-free 8K image recording, can be used on EOS R5 devices with Canon’s software update.

Offering the 1.5.0 firmware update for the new lens, the Premiere Pro plugin and the file conversion application called EOS VR Utility to EOS R5 owners, Canon will offer this combination under the name of EOS VR System. The company will charge a subscription fee for the EOS VR Utility software.

The lens, which will be sold with a price tag of $ 1,999, draws attention with its affordable pricing policy compared to VR cameras such as Insta360 Pro 2. It is stated that the lens and software will be released in December 2021.


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