Canon, patented camera with interchangeable lenses


The Japanese multinational Canon registered this month a patent for a new model of portable camera with interchangeable lenses and gimbal for image stabilization, commonly used as an accessory in smartphones and reflex cameras (DSLR’s). The document was obtained from the Canon News website.

As the mechanism allows the sensor and lens mount to easily switch between the front and selfie positions, the equipment could be used for one-handed use and features to facilitate recording vlogs. In external appearance, the device resembles the Osmo cameras of the Chinese DJI, a reference in the subject.

The advantage of this Canon camera when it comes to vlogging is that you wouldn’t have to keep turning your hand to fit in the scene. In addition, because the screen is always in front of you, controlling the footage becomes much easier during recording. If Canon put in this new product full-frame sensors, the recording would be similar to a film production, only done with extreme practicality.

Canon project details

In the schemes published by Canon News, it is possible to observe that the equipment, considered by the company as ILC (camera with interchangeable lenses), has a fixed screen, which can be used without the need for “contortion” due to the mobility of the lens.

On the front, two items stand out in the form of small joysticks and a small “touchpad” similar to the PlayStation 4 controls. Below and on the back, a trigger appears like those used in portable stabilizers.

Canon News “panned” five different Canon patents related to the gimbal project, although there is no direct reference to this stabilizing device. It is also possible that the project will not result in a real product. However, a patent application always messes with the market, and with consumers’ fantasy.

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