Canon is also victim of ransomware attack


Not long after Garmin suffered a heavy ransomware attack, another major brand encountered a similar attack. While the victim of the new attack is Canon; According to the news of Bleeping Computer, the data of the company in the size of 10 TB was captured by hackers. Canon’s services and websites are also down due to the attack.

It was stated that more than 20 domain names owned by Canon were affected by the blackout. Users on the company’s US site receive a message that the site is down for “maintenance.” Canon’s global, while in Japan not any problems in accessing the website said.

In an e-mail sent from Canon’s IT team, it is stated that the company is faced with wide-ranging system problems affecting many applications. In the news of Bleeping Computer, there is also a screenshot that is said to belong to the ransom note sent to the company. This screenshot shows that the attack was carried out with the ransom virus named Maze.

Unlike the WastedLocker used in the Garmin attack, internal systems accessed in Maze are decrypted and leaked. The group behind the attack claims that 10 TB of data has been reached. If Canon does not agree to pay the ransom, sharing this data on leak sites is the strongest possibility. Garmin is said to have paid millions of dollars in ransom for access to his data.

There is no clear explanation from the Canon front for now. The company was content to state that the issue was examined.

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