Canon EOS R6: the main rumors of the new entry full-frame


The Canon EOS R5 can win a “more affordable version”, the EOS R6. At least that is what the rumors indicate for the coming months and what makes a lot of sense. The company recently confirmed that the R5 version is the mirrorless equivalent of its 5 series DSLRs, and these cameras often have their most affordable equivalents in the 6 series model, such as the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

Canon EOS R6 specifications
If the leaked information is correct, the EOS R6 will have features very similar to those of the EOS R5. According to rumors, the camera will have image stabilization in the body and correspond to the continuous shooting speeds of the R5; that is, 12 fps with the mechanical shutter or 20 fps with the electronic shutter.

The resolution would be 20 MP, half the probable resolution of R5 (expected at 40 MP). In addition, the camera will have a lower resolution electronic viewfinder (EVF) and will not have an LCD for summary information at the top of the body. The EOS R6 is also expected to have two card slots and the ability to record 4K videos.

When will the new Canon hit the market?
Neither Canon EOS R5 nor R6 has an official release date. Some rumors indicate that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Canon’s plant is operating at just a quarter of its capacity.

This could mean two scenarios for the launch of the new EOS: one in which the original schedule is followed, with June for R6 and July for R5 with limited stock; and another in which Canon may launch the two cameras in October with the stock supplied.


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